Thursday, December 31, 2009

More projects

Yet another Turn a Square hat, for Jimmy. Gray/blue Malabrigo Dashings for Timberly. Simple Pleasures khaki Lamb's Pride hat for Bobbi. Still to take: Black silk/merino Dashings for Mel, and a Thermis cowl in black to match. They have not come up to the house to get their presents yet. Working on a Calorimetry in the leftover Malabrigo to match TJ's dashings..... then what? I owe Mom a set of Suzie's reading mitts, and I have 2 shawlettes on the needles - for me.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Xmas knitting....done.

Mom's hat stage left. Some cascade tweed to match a pair of mittens I gave her a long time ago. Felicity pattern with ribbed edge added. Another Turn a Square made larger, for Sean, but ended up giving it to Kenny. Have 2 sets of Dashings to get pictures of. And made another Square, for Jimmy.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

2 weeks till the Eve

Need to do the thumbs, then Mel's Rowan silk wool DK dashings will be finished. Got about 4 inches of Sean's turn a square hat done. Still to do: hat & fingerless mitts for Mom, and hat & dashings for Cheryl. A small hat or two for Christian. I'm not going to make it.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Another pair of Dashings this time for me...

Made from Manos del Uraguay, olive colorway, a little over 1 skein. Enough left to do a star-crossed slouchy to match. The were for Melissa, but she didn't like the color. There's some variation in the dye, which make them kind of glow. I love em. Doing a pair of black Debbie Bliss alpaca & silk for Melissa now - at the thumb row now. Doing those 2 at a time magic loop, which is WONDERFUL. Any pairs of anything I do from now on will be at the same time. Glad I finished mine though. Snow this afternoon and big storm coming on Tuesday.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Working on...

Xmas presents....

Dashings for TJ - grey/blue Malabrigo. Have one done, except for the thumb, not quite halfway on the second.

Ponytail hat for TJ - the same grey/blue Malabrigo, barely caston and a couple of rows in.

Dashings for ? - dark green Manos, on the first one, at the first cable crossing. Mel wasn't interested in the color at all, but Bobbi would adore them, I'm sure. Have another skein coming for a hat, probably a Ripley.

Bobbi - giving her the grey lace scarf in Dale of Norway Svale, that she loves. I had soaked and blocked it and it's lovely. Also had made her a Simple Pleasures hat in khaki Lamb's Pride. It's really slouchy and may be too big.

Mel - have to finish the black thermis for her. Planning on a pair of black dashings, and a black Ripley.

Kenny - have a Turn a Square hat done for him, that exactly matches the one I knit dad.

Sean - planning a hat for him

John - planning a hat for him, as well.

Christian - definitely a hat or 2.

Mom - promised her some Dashings and she wants some kind of hat. Have an Aries pin for her, and a book stand.


2 Dashings
6 hats

Will post pictures as they are complete.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Glove Bites for Janey

I knitted these in about a 16 hour period, while in Kentucky, for step-mum Janey. Very, very easy on 10.5 needles, magic loop. I used wonderful Sublime angora merino in linen for the cuffs, and Plymouth suri merino in a rose color for the hands. I still have a skein & half of the rose, so am planning on making her a matching hat for xmas. I have most of the skein of the sublime and am looking for more. I'd like to make a matching set of mittens, cowl & hat for Mom. I love this yarn.

Haven't knitted since we got back from our trip. I've been reading quite a bit. When I'm sick, that's when I read. Reading takes me away.....Knitting is for tv watching, and waiting somewhere.

Friday, October 2, 2009

This is new....

A knitting/sewing blog, apart from my journal blog. I've been knitting now about 3 years and know I'm an addict. My sister says I want all the yarn in the world. Not true. Just the really nice yarn. But less nice yarn has it's place. Here's the hat I made Dad when we were in Kentucky last week:

Modeled by my lovely T. Have another almost identical going for a Xmas present for my son. Jared Flood's Turn a Square pattern, made with navy Cascade 220 and a cotton/silk sub for Noro as the stripe. Very easy and a great guy's hat. This is Dad's front porch. Dad needs a warm scarf to match....