Sunday, February 14, 2010

Dolce cabled cowl #12

Finally finished and she's a beauty. Cascade Dolce, 4 skeins and a couple of feet of the 5th, at the end of the bind off. Haven't soaked or blocked it, as I want to wear it to work first. Feels a bit itchy. Alpaca does that, but I was hoping the silk content would negate that. I ordered silver, but this looks like the lavender ice color they also had. I bet they switched the color numbers. I did an extra pattern repeat, both in the width, and the length. I have already cast on for another - sailor blue Kathmandu aran.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Racing to the end

This is the not-pink cowl from Vogue Holiday Knits 2009, Cabled Cowl #12. My sister says it's definitely purple, which she means lavendar. It's actually Cascade Dolce in silver, bought on sale online at Webs. The pattern icon shows DK weight yarn, but the first line of instructions says cast on with Aran weight. So, in researching on Ravelry, I cast on an extra 38 stitches to do 5 chart repeats instead of 4. Still 6 inches short of the gauge diameter. I decided to do an extra repeat of the entire 20 row chart repeat to make it deeper, since it was 8 inches short of gauge, that way. Only have about 13 rows to finish this. After chores, dinner, and a little conversation with family, I can get 3 rows done by bedtime. I want to wear this Saturday morning, to a baby brunch shower. I'll be staying up a little late Friday night to finish this. The yarn is gorgeous though. Will post a model shot when I'm done.